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    Warlords of Draenor - Tier 17 Warlock Armor Sets
    Today we are taking a look at the Warlock Tier 17 armor sets.

    The Gaze of the Black Prince Returns for the Final Time
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Beginning Tuesday, September 2 at 10:00 a.m. PDT, through Tuesday, September 16 at 9:00 a.m. PDT, we’ll be applying the Gaze of the Black Prince buff for the final time before the Warlords of Draenor expansion. This buff will increase the reputation gained with the Black Prince by 100%. It will also increase the chance of obtaining items from his foes needed as a part of the Legendary Cloak quest line including: the Secrets of the Empire, Sigil of Wisdom, Sigil of Power, or Titan Runestone.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Garrison Plots Count
    Overall our design philosophy is that a few meaningful decisions is better than lots of inconsequential ones.

    This is a video game. there shouldn't be any "consequences". we should be able to do everything inconseqeuncially. thus we should be able to build everything.

    So no matter what button you push, it's always the best one? No matter what you do, you win? That's... horrifying. That's what you want video games to be? That's not a game. I'm not sure what that is.

    All you're doing is turning the garrison from something fun that people can tinker and toy with into something that has to be min/maxed to the nth, leading to just everyone having the exact same garrison choices dependent on what they do in game. The AH tycoon is going to get the bank and AH, the raider is going to go with the bonus rolls, profession buildings are going to be determined by what you are rather than what you're missing, etc.
    Right. People will pick buildings that appeal to them based on what those buildings provide. You're stating the intended result as if it's unintended.(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    What's the latest AoE capping rules? X for damage and Y for heals? Thanks.
    X=20, Y=6 (Celestalon)

    any reason ret loses INQ and gain massive dps increase from Seraphim but ferals still have to SR in their rotation? Seems weird
    Seraphim is a choice. Savage Roar can be glyphed, another choice. (Celestalon)

    what class has given you the most difficulties when it came to balance?
    Hmm... Good question. Ones that have abilities that are all interconnected a lot, such as Shadow. Hard to change one thing... (Celestalon)
    ...without unbalancing something else. (Celestalon)

    is the fact that pure DPS classes have more raid utility than a MW a concern?
    DPS and Healers aren't competing on utility. (Celestalon)

    The adjustments to tanks that you hinted at,are these going to be for all tanks or pecific ones? Thanks!
    .All tanks. Current plans: Tweak the design of Resolve. Lower tank health. Lower tank mitigation. Lower boss damage. (Celestalon)
    Active Mitigation was a really good step for enjoy playing like tank. If You nerf AM I hope to not return to the past
    AM is a great concept, and we're not planning to remove it at all. We'll be reducing both passive and active mitigation. (Celestalon)

    Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    from a PvE perspective what does Lunar inspiration bring. Its basically just a one time per duration shred filler?
    Ranged damage, an additional DoT to maintain, and combo builder. Like a ranged Rake. (Celestalon)

    How are you guys feeling with Balance Druids? havent heard anything recently in any feedback etc!
    Generally OK. Might be a bit strong on the multidotting damage. (Celestalon)

    Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    can monks have chi orbs back in PVP they are much more fun then surging mists? that is all?
    They were extremely unintuitive, yet quite overpowered. Sorry. (Celestalon)
    agreed but why surging mists what if we kept chi orbs but added a cast time that you can cast while running...
    That's even more unintuitive. (Celestalon)

    Any chance of WWers getting a stackable utility cooldown? Hearing from Mythic teams that won't be bringing WW/MW due to this.
    Multiple Windwalkers not stacking their movespeed is a concern, but that's a really rare combo, currently. (Celestalon)
    MW utility is where the real hurt is though. Devo Aura, Rebirth, Heroism, Guardian Spirit/PW: Barrier....what do MWers bring?
    Revival, for it's healing. Dispel is just a minor side benefit. (Celestalon)

    Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    what do you think about empowered seals?
    I think it's an interesting playstyle that many will enjoy, and many will hate. Good for a talent. (Celestalon)

    Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    thoughts on echo for enhance being too difficult to use with large haste sources? Especially lust/em. Decision tree very complex
    It is. Good for a talent. (Celestalon)

    can enhancement get moving LB back? A cast time finisher makes us less mobile than other melee.
    No, that should be a niche use. It's ranged, has ranged pros and cons. (Celestalon)

    Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    current state of locks' raid utility or lack thereof reminds me of BC rogues: no utility besides DPS. But our DPS= others'.Why?
    Demonic Gateway has high raid utility, despite what some people say. Whole strats based around it all the time. (Celestalon)

    Don't you feel that warlocks need fel flame back? To build up the last bit of an ember, demonology movement, affli dot refresh
    We don't. It's a challenge, but toning down caster mobility is better for the game. Balance. (Celestalon)
    Then why are you toning down only warlocks and shamans? Why are fire mages with scorch ok?
    Scorch is primarily a movement tool; damage is trivial. Mobility is one way we differentiate specs. Like how Demo has high mobility (Celestalon)

    Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    Is Gladiator Stance turning out how you guys planned?
    So far, yup. (Celestalon)

    arms warrior, what can we expect? no softballs here! hopefully small repair on the ol' car.
    A little less rage, no more Devestate/Revenge, Mastery buffs, tuning. (Celestalon)
    no more devastate/revenge? Will we see the cooldown from swapping stances go away too then?
    Yes. (Celestalon)

    At this point, they might as well remove Seasoned Soldier, and buff mastery per point by 33-50%
    Seasoned Soldier is a useful tuning knob. Mastery will be tuned on it's own (and is easy to do so). (Celestalon)
    you keep saying this, but seeing as the big hits got neutered for pvp concerns have yet to see how it works.
    Arms damage tuning has been based on PvE performance. Mastery is the most easily tuned stat. (Celestalon)
    does that mean the big hit concept is still goal?
    Yes, absolutely. (Celestalon)

    Character / Items
    with the removal of combat stats from profs. What're you doing to balance Engineering? As it becomes the clear must hav
    Engineering items that have notable combat benefit are becoming available to all. (Celestalon)

    Proving Grounds
    Any info to share on the new proving grounds, different style? Or the same but upscaled
    In 6.0: Bronze available at level 30 and above. The NPCs scale to your ilvl instead of it downscaling your ilvl. (Celestalon)
    Hope to do much more in the future. (Celestalon)

    will people with bad pc's be able to raid 20 man, or are people who can't afford updated pc's gonna be stuck heroic?
    We've been making some extremely impressive improvements to client performance, especially in raids. I hope you can! (Celestalon)

    Any plans to change spine of deathwing roll mechanic to make it less annoying to solo?
    Yes - in 6.0 it takes significantly longer for Deathwing to roll when unbalanced if there's only one player on his back. (WatcherDev)
    Some changes planned for Thorim? Impossible for some without engineering. Have to bother someone just to wait in the arena.
    Yeah, no more death-ball when the arena is empty in 6.0. (WatcherDev)

    Challenge Mode Boss Solo - Armsmaster Harlan
    Wannoob managed to solo Armsmaster Harlan in Challenge Mode difficulty after over 100 wipes.

  • Garrisons - Lumber Mill, New Garrison Monument, Blue Posts, Blue Tweets, Blizzard Art
    Elemental Damage Explained, UEE Behind the Scenes, Deadset Gaming's Sanctuary Talk, Lizard Squad Caught?

    Weekly News Recap - News, Popular Decks, Community Videos; Top 5 Plays of the Week

    Warlords of Draenor - Garrisons: Lumber Mill
    Today we are taking a look at the Lumber Mill garrison building.

    The Lumber Mill takes up a Medium plot which can also be used for a Barn, Gladiator's Sanctum, Trading Post or Inn / Tavern. Once upgraded to Tier 3, your garrison will have two Medium plots available.

    This building is good for stockpiling garrison resources.

    • Level 1 - Allows you to mark small trees in Draenor for harvest. Harvested Timber can be converted to work orders for Garrison supplies.
    • Level 2 - Allows you to mark medium trees for additional Timber.
    • Level 3 - Allows you to mark large trees for even more Timber.

    Work Orders
    The Lumber Mill allows you to mark trees in Draenor for lumberjacks to cut down, which gives you Timber. You can then trade 50 Timber for ~100 Garrison Resources and ~45 Apexis Crystal. Each small tree gives ~5 Timber and medium trees give ~10 Timber.

    Learning to mark small trees requires the completion of Easing into Lumberjacking, followed by Sharper Blades, Bigger Timber for medium trees.


    Name Side Points Reward Category
    Choppin' Some Logs Place 10 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill.
    Choppin' Some More Logs Place 50 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill.
    Title Reward: Lumberjack <Name>
    Choppin' Even More Logs Place 100 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill.
    Alliance 5Buildings
    Choppin' Even More Logs Place 100 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill.
    Horde 5
    Title Reward: Timber Lord <Name>
    Upgrading the Mill Place 75 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill and complete the quests listed below.
    Reward: Unlocks Lumber Mill, Level 3 Blueprint

    Interface Art

    Level 1 Alliance Screenshots

    Level 1 Horde Screenshots

    Level 2 Alliance Screenshots

    Level 2 Horde Screenshots

    Warlords of Draenor - Garrison Monuments: The King in Green
    One of the recent beta builds added a new monument to garrisons, earned from the Time is a Flat Circle achievement. You can see the other garrison monuments here.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Blood Elf Models
    Much like the Draenei, the Blood Elf models are already pretty good. We haven't begun working on the new Blood Elves yet, so I can't comment on the result, but personally I would expect it to be similar to the new Draenei. Of course they'll have higher quality textures and higher polygon counts, overall a big improvement, but not as drastic of an upgrade as the original eight races are seeing with their updates. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Garrison Plot Count
    It is intentional that you'll be making some tough decisions on which buildings (and their bonuses) you want. Instead of having a lot of buildings with mediocre bonuses, we reduced the number of plots you have and redesigned the building bonuses to be quite impactful to your gameplay. Overall our design philosophy is that a few meaningful decisions is better than lots of inconsequential ones.

    They're all cool in their own way and you'll probably want all of them to varying degrees. You're free to switch buildings if at some point you want to go with something else, but there is of course a cost and time investment to do so to build the new building. Swapping around a lot probably won't be the best way to operate your Garrison (up to you), but the option is definitely there. We're of course keeping an eye on balance of the building bonuses, as well as how the feature could expand in the future, but it is very deliberate that you'll have to make some tough decisions on which buildings you want for the bonuses they provide. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    in general, how happy are you with mechanica/rotations of tanks?They pretty much final? Or a possibility of last minute changes?
    .Mechanically, mostly happy. However, tanks are still massively overperforming, and we're planning some significant nerfs. (Celestalon)
    Right now we're seeing tanks being alright in dungeons, where they're not chaining cooldowns and using AM well. ... (Celestalon)
    But in raids, where they are doing those things, they're nigh-unkillable. Need to bring that back down to sanity. (Celestalon)
    Not to mention in a lot of the mythic testing so far, tanks can't just survive forever alone like live, they can get trucked ...
    Right. We're having to hit tanks extreeeeeemely hard in order to endanger them at all right now. Going to retune bosses as well. (Celestalon)
    Fun fact: Almost every mythic boss currently hits tanks harder than Lei Shen did (proportional to the expansion). That's silly. (Celestalon)

    and whats with your obsession over auto attacks and passive damage playing the game for you? ele mastery and searing totem..
    Definitely not. It's important that there's some of that, but not too much. Super passive damage in the ~20-40% range is good. (Celestalon)

    Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    Now Blood DKs can only choose DeathPact in the Lv75 Tier since DeathSiphon doesnt apply Bloodshield and Conversion new 30RP cost
    We chose that number because we think that will balance it, not kill it. We'll see how it turns out; sky-is-falling unhelpful. (Celestalon)

    Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    What were the reasons behind removing frostbolt's ability to heal the water elemental?
    It was extremely rarely used, and caused a lot of bugs. Very rare that we change something due to bugginess, but happens sometimes (Celestalon)

    Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    sooooo ww monks can't use touch of death on players? Intended? I hope not
    It will be usable on players below 10%. Not sure if its in this build or the next one. (holinka)

    Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    is shadow word pain spam in WoD intended or not?
    Definitely not. (Celestalon)
    I hope the solution is fixing Mind Flay's damage, instead of just eliminating SW:P's damage on application.
    The solution is a mix. MFlay's damage is being tweaked, and SW:P's direct damage will no longer proc SApps/SInsight. (Celestalon)
    But now sw: p on the move will be really really bad if you have Auspicious Spirit.
    No, it just won't be any better than normal with Auspicious Spirit. (Celestalon)

    Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    Will Reincarnation be my only threat-dump as elemental in Warlords? Why remove the little threat-dump we had from Wind Shear?
    Because it muddles the purpose of the ability and was completely pointless. (Celestalon)

    Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    "Safeguard no longer removes movement-impairing effects." Does it include roots? If so, good change.
    It does. (holinka)

    Honest question, did you feel it was overpowered to be able to get out of roots once/30 sec through a talent? (safeguard)
    Yes, we felt it gave them a counter they didn't need. Charge and Heroic Leap give them the ability to get on target quickly. (holinka)

    Character / Items
    >transformation items. 20 sec duration for like 10-30 min CD? Not worth it at all. : |
    Lately we're doing 1 hour/10 min and that feels ok to me, might check out some older ones and bump them (Muffinus)
    is this your philosophy on all "toys?" If so, just stop wasting your time making them. Long CDs already diminish their fun.
    You'd rather have no toys at all, than not be able to look like Mr. Smite all the time? Not sure many would agree with you. (Muffinus)

    So what about stuff like Savory Deviate Delight? Sure, consumed and has to be "farmed", but laughable effort, considering AH.
    Lots of variables here, sellable and consumable, so affected by gold inflation, takes up bag space, and thus limited (Muffinus)

    They won't be usable when we enter raids for the first time in WoD, DM Faire isn't until 7 dec
    Well, yes. And that affects everyone equally - you'll be able to make one soon after. (WatcherDev)

    Try to remember this, a good mechanic is hard and can be explained within 4 Minutes to everyone.This will be fun!
    Writing the Dungeon Journal Overviews has been a good exercise in whether mechanics can be distilled down to a few words. (WatcherDev)

    random ashran thought. Maybe a small tutorial window pop up explaining the features of ashran. Mage tower,mid lane, side objectives
    We use our quest system for this type of thing. Definitely open to how current intro quests fall short. (holinka)
    effective than quests. Many pvpers rush threw quests to get to pvp and this will just add more quests to that process IMO
    Well, those same people will probably ignore a tutorial. Quests give rewards which provide motivation to complete them. (holinka)

    Are you bringing back the Arena Pass? Just curious
    We are not. (holinka)
    Arena Team Names?
    Nothing planned for arena names. (holinka)

    Hmm just saw call to arms gone for WoD WIll exp be buffed for leveling on randoms? For example AV IoC BfG exp > rest of bgs
    Interesting. We'll take a look at the honor earn rates. We buffed the ones with low earn rate recently. (holinka)

    UI / Addons
    Will combo point UI ever getting an update for the change? P.S. Cloak and Dagger should switch places with and slow your target.
    It's something we're considering for the future. (Celestalon)

    If you collect these followers with the inn but get rid of it, do you keep them?
    Yep! (Muffinus)
    Any chance you could have them not as a permanent loss if dismissed, but a chance to get from the Inn again?
    If you dismiss them, there's always the chance they'll show up again at your inn (Muffinus)

    Thanks! Do you have the plan to increase the followers cap? 20 and 25 seems not enough.
    Closely monitoring feedback on this (Muffinus)

    Blizzard Art Update
    Blizzard has added more pieces to the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Art gallery.

  • Garrisons - Trading Post, Highmaul LFR Open, Blue Tweets, Wowcraft #11
    Season Now Live!, Achievement Bug Update, Updated Hotfix List, UEE Basics Guide, Legendary Gem Tool

    Hearthstone Hotfixes, Deck Talk: Moonstar's Tournament MoonMage, Brode Tweets - Post Naxxramas, Zoo

    PAX Prime 2014 Day 1, ESV Championship Series Week 1, Into the Nexus #18

    Warlords of Draenor - Garrisons: Trading Post
    Today we are taking a look at the Trading Post garrison building. Currently only the first two tiers are accessible on beta.

    The Trading Post take up a Medium plot which can also be used for a Barn, Gladiator's Sanctum, Lumber Mill or Inn / Tavern. Once upgraded to Tier 3, your garrison will have two Medium plots available.

    This building is good for farming and spending excess crafting reagents or garrison materials, using the auction house, earning reputation faster, and transmog gear.

    • Level 1 - Allows the trade of crafting reagents for garrison resources and vice versa, for a profit!
    • Level 2 - Enables access to the auction house. Also grants access to the Shattari Defense or Laughing Skull factions.
    • Level 3 - Increases reputation gain in Draenor by 20%.

    Reagent Conversion
    Keep in mind this is beta and a server designed to test garrisons, so final numbers can change!

    • Trade ~10 of a randomly selected crafting reagent for 100 garrison resources.
    • Purchase a stack of 5 crafting reagents for 10 - 40 garrison resources.
    • If you purchase the crafting reagents for a work order, you have a net gain of 20 - 80 garrison resources.

    Auction House
    Access to the auction house doesn't come automatically, as the robot auctioneer is lying on the floor broken. You need to complete the Auctioning for Parts quest, which requires collecting parts to build modules for the robot. The parts come from garrison invasions, dungeons, Ashran, and the mobs in the Draenor zones. You can also purchase the parts, as they are not bind on pickup.

    Interface Art

    Alliance - Sha'tari Defense Vendor
    The Alliance will have access to a Sha'tari Defense vendor in the level 2 and 3 Trading Post. Unfortunately the NPC doesn't appear to be in game yet, so we listed the likely Sha'tari Defense items below.

    Level Type Slot Name
    600TabardTabard Sha'tari Defense Tabard
    600PlateHead Greathelm of the Sha'tari Defense
    600PlateShoulders Shoulderguards of the Sha'tari Defense
    600PlateChest Breastplate of the Sha'tari Defense
    600PlateWaist Belt of the Sha'tari Defense
    600PlateLegs Legplates of the Sha'tari Defense
    600PlateFeet Boots of the Sha'tari Defense
    600PlateWrists Bracers of the Sha'tari Defense
    600CosmeticHands Gauntlets of the Sha'tari Defense

    Horde - Laughing Skull Vendor
    The Horde will have access to a Laughing Skull vendor in the level 2 and 3 Trading Post. This is a list of the items it currently has for sale.

    Level Type Slot Name
    1Companion Pets Bone Wasp
    615TrinketTrinket Maniacal Grimace
    600TabardTabard Laughing Skull Orcs Tabard
    1ClothHead Frozen Visage of the Laughing Skull
    1ClothHead Bloody Visage of the Laughing Skul
    1ClothHead Golden Visage of the Laughing Skull
    1ClothHead Visage of the Laughing Skull
    100Consumable Laughing Skull Elixir

    Level 1 Alliance Screenshots

    Level 2 Alliance Screenshots

    Level 1 Horde Screenshots

    Level 2 Horde Screenshots

    FEEDBACK: Highmaul - Arcane Sanctum (LFR)
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    We will soon be opening the second wing of Highmaul Raid Finder (Tectus, Twin Ogron, Ko'ragh), and leaving it open over the weekend. These fights are likely overtuned - Ko'ragh definitely is, but we have some changes in the pipeline that will be picked up by restarts tonight. We'll be watching closely to make the required tweaks to get the experience to where it needs to be.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Epicurean Change Reverted
    Thanks for the feedback. The change to Epicurean is being reverted on Beta.

    Yeah, we actually decided not to make some changes we were considering. Epicurean is returning to 100%. - @Celestalon (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    want to bring back the healthstone discussion. Whats the point of making them obsolete? Why must they be weaker than prof items?
    "Tonics>Stones" means that both get used. "TonicsCelestalon)
    You left one out. What about Tonics = Stones? Also, what utility will Warlocks have? Gateway is nerfed to hell.
    then how come LW drums dont follow the same logic? Shouldn't "Drums>BL/TW/Hero" so you ensure both get used? Same logic
    No; we don't want Drums to be used normally; they're backups. It'd mandate everyone take Leatherworking. (Celestalon)
    Whereas Tonics are created by a profession that everyone can have, and are tradeable and usable by anyone (even w/o FA). (Celestalon)
    There's no LW restriction on Drums of Rage. I can go buy them off the AH same as Healing Tonics
    Drums are designed to be different. A backup, not a primary source, obsoleting a raid buff brought by several classes. (Celestalon)
    I understand that the distinction may be hard to see, but it's very intentional. Tonics are the primary reason for... (Celestalon)
    ...First Aid to be valuable in Warlords. Healthstones are a minor perk to a class, like Mage food, not a raid buff. (Celestalon)

    Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    Another related change: Tower of Radiance is supposed to be a consolation prize. Beacon healing should win. (Celestalon)
    1 Holy Power is just too strong, nowadays, compared to the Beacon healing. So, we're planning to change... (Celestalon)
    ...Tower of Radiance to restore Mana instead of Holy Power; a tunable amount. (Celestalon)

    Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    Please remove Burst of Speed. It promotes horrible gameplay
    Rogues are losing the 10 extra energy from their MoP set bonus. On beta the relative cost of BoS has doubled & regen is lower. (holinka)
    15 energy cost from a pool of 110 (13.6%) to 25 energy cost from a pool of 100 (25%). (holinka)
    And cloak and dagger is left a dead talent again? Step tier seems healthier and popular.
    We won't be changing an entire talent row at this stage. (holinka)

    They also have a lvl 90 talent which gives them 15 xtra energy and higher regen... The ability honestly needs to have a CD.
    Level 100 but I get you. We think there are other ways to manage it than a cooldown. (holinka)

    We just don't have many changes to discuss currently; not ignoring or hating. Rogue talents are less impactful than we'd... (Celestalon)
    ...like, but aren't causing any problems, so aren't at the top of our priority list to redesign right now. (Celestalon)

    Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
    New Windstrike/Stormblast animation pales in comparison to the live version...chance we could get it back?
    Old one doesn't fit with the wind theme, instead of lightning theme, unfortunately. (Celestalon)
    I Err... "the elements. Fire (check). Air (check, lightning falls under this).... " your quote on ele thread.
    Wind and Lightning are both part of the 'air' type of Shaman magic. However Lightning is nature damage, wind is physical. (Celestalon)
    so the change to physical damage for ascendance was to tone down burst, yes? Is that why it doesn't scale with mastery?
    Yes. Scaling burst multipliers are problematic. (Celestalon)
    But right now, 20% of our dmg are buffed by 50%.It's just really weak now. Then at least reduce CD to 2min.
    Those numbers are not even remotely accurate. It's still quite strong. (Celestalon)

    Character / Items
    So in WoD what will happen to the valor quest for the cloak?
    Removed. (WatcherDev)

    Warlords of Draenor Stats
    No control over secondary stats, and L100's with different weights - means weak choice of talents: pushes us to one L100 always
    But you *do* have a ton of control over secondary stats. (Celestalon)
    170 enchants, 200 flask, 50 food = 420 stats, out of ~4k in PvP gear (best case)? 10% stat control. PvE = no control of drops.
    A) Those numbers are definitely not accurate. You act like you don't have control of stats on gear. Extremely false. (Celestalon)

    is the fix just a numbers nerf? Or are you looking into altering/removing (more) mechanics for the LFR version?
    Mostly numbers, plus removing the healing effects of Moss entirely and making Flamethrowers take much longer to overheat. (WatcherDev)

    So did the design team decide to go back on Normal 5mans gearing you up for LFR?
    I think you misunderstood: Normal Dungeon -> LFR is one path. Heroic Dungeon -> Normal Raid is another. (WatcherDev)

    .can we please get more raid trash like Ultraxian and Sindragosa?
    I'd always considered those a bit tedious, but if it's what the people want.... (WatcherDev)

    can we also defeat the Boss of L/H/N/M after defeated it again in a week? Just no loot, but can farm again?
    Not for Mythic, but the other difficulties, yes - they are loot-based lockouts. (WatcherDev)
    So it's means that the number of loot based on the number of players who have the right to loot?
    Correct. Kill a boss with 25 players, but 20 of them have already killed it once, and you probably only get 1 drop. (WatcherDev)

    I was wondering if you could clarify the future spectator idea. Is the plan to make it so a player can jump into a live game&watch?
    No, the idea is for people that want to broadcast tournaments to be able to do so in the live game. (holinka)
    any plans on updating the UI to be more new viewer friendly?
    Yes but not for release. Just wanted to get this into people's hands as quickly as possible. (holinka)

    Ok I still think it'd be really cool to have a client you can jump into live games with.
    It has a high implementation cost & in the age of twitch, probably won't see much use. (holinka)

    Why does Kargath die in LFR but live in all other difficulties? Isn't that against the point of "LFR is for the story
    It's more "he lived 2 weeks ago when we tested Heroic, but dies now that we're testing LFR." Story change. (WatcherDev)

    Will we see any any Worgen lore in WoD? Seems like they got a lot of attention in early cata and have been forgotten since
    Worgen are definitely part of the Alliance forces on Draenor, but WoD's story is mostly focused on the Iron Horde threat. (_DonAdams)
    I would like to see more Worgen (and Forsaken) lore as well. Their time will come around again, I'm sure. (_DonAdams)

    Dear Adams, what's the current status of Ethereals as of WoD? (Really looking forward to seeing more of them!)
    They don't really have a presence on Draenor, sorry! They showed up to Outland after it was shattered. (_DonAdams)

    So, I'm still unclear with the relationship between the Klaxxi and the Sha. As parts of their god, shouldn't they have been ally?
    Klaxxi wanted to maintain their cycle and wait for Y'shaarj himself to come back. They weren't ready to drink the Kool-Aid. (_DonAdams)
    So they saw the Empresses inability to resist only an aspect of their god as a weakness and she was deemed unworthy?
    Sha is fallout from Y'shaarj's death, but it was still harmful to their cycle (crazy queen, blighted homeland). (_DonAdams)
    She was forcing a swarm too soon; corrupting eggs with Sha energy; ruining the kypari. Went off the deep end, threatened cycle. (_DonAdams)
    So yes, she was deemed unfit to rule. It's a shame they were ultimately swayed by Y'shaarj's heart, though. (_DonAdams)
    Will we ever see them again? Kil'ruk's death quote makes it seem ambiguous if they even die there.
    The paragons are near and dear to me, but sadly I think they're actually dead, short of some amber reincarnation miracle. (_DonAdams)

    could create edges only between the fps you want connected?
    I'm fairly sure that that's exactly what it does already. The paths don't exist yet; it'd use them if it did. We'll make them. (Celestalon)

    Wowcraft Episode 11 - Warsong Gulch Part 5: Victory!
    This is the final episode of Wowcraft for now, as they are taking time to refocus the series.

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